Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal using the advanced technology of the Lumenis Lightsheer Desire at

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Lumenis Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal will require multiple treatments for best results, usually 5-7, because the laser will only treat actively growing follicles. Only a percentage of hair follicles are are in this stage at any given time. By spreading out the treatments every 4-6 weeks, we can treat more follicles as they get to this stage. Less frequent maintenance treatments will also be beneficial after the initial series is completed.

Do not wax or pluck if you are planning laser treatment.  This will cause you to need more treatments for good results. (I can not treat that hair if you have plucked it!)

Do not tan or use artificial tanning on the area to be treated. Use a sunscreen with spf 30-50 before and after the hair removal treatments for at least 1 month. I will not be able to do the treatment on a tanned area.

You must shave prior to any treatments. Treatments can be done on the same day as the consultation if you are shaved and not suntanned or sunburned.

Laser Hair Removal

Pricing per treatment (men and women):

Upper lip: $99

Chin:  $99

Upper lip and chin: $175

Man’s beard: $199

Full face: $299

Sideburns: $99

Between eyebrows: $75

Cheeks: $75

Back of neck: $99

Underarms (both): $149

Full arms: $250

Half arms (hands to elbows): $175

Hands: $99

Toes: $75

Feet: $99

Knees: $125

Full legs: $399

Half leg (toe to knee or thighs): $199

Line below belly button: $125


low back: $125

Shoulders: $175

Full back: $299

Full chest and abdomen: $299

Additional areas may be available. Please inquire at a free consultation at Montanalaserdoc. Convenient online scheduling!

Laser Hair Removal



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