Laser Toenail Clearing

Laser Toenail Clearing

Laser Toenail Clearing using the technology of Astanza Laser.  Laser light is used to kill the fungus. No pills!

95% of patients see significant nail clearance after just 1 painless treatment. (Please see the link below for this information from Astanza.)   I will treat the whole foot if any toe on that foot is affected.

Prices: $249 per foot for the first treatment.

If any further treatments are required, I will turn up the energy of the laser and repeat the treatment for $99 per foot, for an unlimited number of treatments if needed.

(Hands may be treated as well for the same price.)

Please keep in mind that the toenail will have to grow out in order to see the results.  This can take 6-8 months. Please see the brochure below.

Toenail Fungus Treatment Brochure

Laser Toenail ClearingLaser Toenail Clearing



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